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About Us

Jinglu Law firm is a partnership approved by the Ministry of Justice of the People’s Republic of China and authorised by the Department of Justice of Shandong Province. It is also an integrated law firm with high popularity and distinctive characteristics in the provincial and even national spheres. This is a group that brings together senior and young lawyers with specialisation and internationalisation, many of whom are with a master’s or doctoral degree in law at home and abroad, and most of them have professional backgrounds in economic management, finance, computer, engineering and English etc. At Jinglu, the lawyers focus on combining internationalisation and localisation, they are expert in the legal services of perennial legal counsel for corporation, foreign investment, international trade, real estate, construction, financing guarantee, taxation, intellectual property, financial securities, company merger and asset restructuring and so forth.  
The law firm mainly deals with non-litigation, supplemented by litigation and arbitration. It has been always adhering to the service philosophy of “honesty, diligence and efficiency” and the operating mode of “teamwork, collectivity, well-planning and safeguard”. Lawyers at Jinglu are adept in addressing difficulties and producing unique schemes: Many enterprises have been exhausted in economic disputes where Jinglu lawyers could perfectly turn the situation by devising strategies and diving into study. Besides, the Jinglu lawyer team has accumulated a large number of classic cases for corporate rights protection after a long period of legal and practical experience. 
Our law firm also maintains good working relationship with relevant governmental or functional departments, including those of justice, administration, ecommerce and trade, finance and taxation; connecting closely with domestic and foreign business and financial communities and having a good reputation in various intermediary agencies, such as courts, arbitration institutions, asset assessments

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